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Review of the AVN80X IVS 1.3 Megapixel Network Camera by AVTECH

Review of the AVN80X IVS 1.3 Megapixel Network Camera by AVTECH

this camera available in Canada now
 CPCAM distributor for AVN80X 
DISCLAIMER: My review based entirely on my personal opinion and not influenced by AVTECH. Or any other third party...
As Network Security/IT Security from time to time
I able to get my hands on latest and Greatest Security Gear – by AVTECH Company
AVN80X IVS 1.3 Megapixel Network Camera by AVTECH
Little IP Camera with many features and ability to provide easy simple security
Solution for Remote Surveillance on Multi platform. - Ipad/Ipod/iPhone and other smart
networking/WiFi/3G/4G devices user. Device does support- Windows and Apple OS,
Few web browsers, and all of the major mobile device operating systems.
It can stream the live video inHDTV720p, H.264, MPEG4, and MJPEG and micro SD card support for video storage
TheAVN80X IVS 1.3 Megapixel Network Camera by AVTECH is all in one personal or corporate security solution, for security conscious consumer or company CEO,who want to keep eye on his kid's/employees, pet's, home or business.
It do require an available network connection via router, or a 3G / WiMax dongle for Internet access in your house
And for access on the go - availability of the mobile internet
InEuropeAVN80X - getting raving reviews
Network Compression H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG
Multiple Video Streaming
(Encode Modes,IPS, Resolution)
3 (H.264, MJPEG, MPEG4)
LANSpeed 10/100 Based-T Ethernet
Supported Protocols
Frame RateNTSC:30,PAL:25
Number of Online Users 10
Security multiple user access levels with password - REALLY GOOD OPTION FOR CORPORATE SECURITY MANAGMENT
Web management
(1) Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,
Google Chrome, Safari & Opera for single device access, or
(2) FreeCMSsoftware, Video Viewer, for up to 16 networks
Image Sensor 1.3MP Live MOS image sensor
Video Resolution SXGA, SXVGA, 720P, VGA, QVGA
Min Illumination 0.1 Lux / F1.5, 0 Lux (LED ON)
Shutter Speed 1 / 60 (1/50) to 1 / 100,000 sec.
S/N Ratio More than 48dB (AGCoff)
Lens f3.8mm / F1.5
Viewing Angle 75°
White LED YES (1W, 10 meters)
White BalanceATW
DetectionRange76° wide angle with 5m long distance at 2m
Height (under 25°C)
MicroSDCard Slot YES
External Alarm I/O YES
Microphone YES
Speaker YES
Power Source (±10%) 5V / 2A
Operating Temperature -0℃~40℃
Mobile Surveillance iPad, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian & Android
Push Notification YES
Audio Detection YES
RTC(real-time clock) YES
Motion Detection YES
Digital Pan / Tilt / Zoom YES
Event Notification FTP / Email
Minimum Web Browsing Requirements
‧Pentium 4 CPU 1.3 GHz or higher, or equivalentAMD
‧256 MBRAM
‧AGP graphics card, Direct Draw, 32MBRAM
‧Windows 7, Vista & XP, DirectX 9.0 or later
‧Internet Explorer 7.x or later
My first impression of this camera solid metal body with baked white paint on the device and mounting parts
Well engineered and designed.
Small but solid build not really heavy… if you compare it to the Smart Phone
Shipped out in nice little box with a lot of the information and setup info all over the box…
Here is few pick of the box
Items inside
Included:  AC Power Adapter forNorth America,AVN80X IVS 1.3 Megapixel Network Camera by AVTECH ,
Manual (easy to use well worded and simple with a lot of the information),
Basic mounting hardware: mounting bracket with screws in the white box.
Here is few picks
Manual is well written, and includes all necessary information for easy simple setup on
PC with access the default IP address of the AVN80X with different OS.
Screen shots and diagrams instructions gives easy and
Simple way for new pc/Mac user to set up IPCAM with out any need to call Tech Support.
Here is picture how it would look assembled
AVN80X - Megapixel IVS IP Camera is smaller than my Smart Phone,   butAVN80X rich on the features:
Easy network setup with your laptop / PC, and iPhone
1.3 Megapixel live MOS sensor withHDTV720p quality, allowing users to
notice minor details more easily
SD card support for video storage
Push Notification support to send an event notification to your iPhone and Android phones immediately
once the specified event type is triggered, and play video recording once you confirm the receipt.
White LED built-in to illuminate the scene manually, scheduled by a timer, or triggered by a motion, an
alarm, or an audio event
External alarm I/O device connection
Microphone & speaker built-in for two-way audio transmission
Complete Remote Surveillance Compatibility
-- 2 major computer operating systems, Microsoft Windows & Apple Mac
-- 5 commonly-used web browsers, Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox®, Safari®, Google Chrome™ and Opera
-- 7 mobile platforms, iPad®, iPod®, iPhone®, BlackBerry®, Symbian, Windows® Mobile & Android™
(with their built-in web browsers, or our self-developed mobile program, EagleEyes)
-- For multiple device control, our self-developed program, Video Viewer, is provided for free for Windows-based
and Mac-based operating system
For Dimension please take a look at the pick where AVN80X is in the middle between two smart phones… Front of the AVN80X
Back of the  AVN80X
I connectedAVN80X to my network via SAPIDO Wireless 3 in 1 Pocket N+ Broadband Router (RB-1602), logged in and configure.
AVN80X have very easy to use simple user interface and it do works well with Safari, Opera and IE9... Remind me of my first router install, simple and easy.
AVN80X do support both ActiveX and QuickTime format, as with all IP camera's video
Do get a bit of lag but it around but in my opinion it less than one second barely noticeable…
In my company corporate security environment I testedAVN80X (as extra add on to our layer of security) with Ipod touch 4th gen and Android based Smart Phone
easy simple Apps install (Check (monitor/streaming) + Control theAVN80X ) for Ipod Touch and smart phone.
I like the quality of the pictures and videos/audio
I can control the digital PTZusing my fingers. Also I could clearly hear the audio, so I have a fully functional - mobile HD video/audio- surveillance system in the palm of my hand.

if the option DPTZ spark your interest you could see more on YouTube AVTECH introduction for EagleEyes on mobile device.
      really good video 

I tested and monitor my Co. cubical area when I was away (to see who is using my pen) and I did try it on my family and family pets Detection & Tracking and assess control for the front door pet door sensor.
I could see theAVN80X automatically locate the brother face in the frame, zoom in, and follow it. - good safe option to monitor guest or family member even under low light condition the quality of the picture and video pretty good as Live MOS Sensor - - gives you an extremely clear and detailed picture. -   The quality of the picture was great even in a low-light setting. Even with out any light in the room -AVN80X built in White LED on the front produces an enough light that can illuminate objects in total darkness at least twenty feet or more in front of it.
I did try to enabled Digital Smart Zoom, this feature did allow me to leave the controls, and the AVTECHAVN80X could zoom in on  the dog  movements as motion got detected…(also I used the option with pet door sensor attached to the back of theAVN80X)
Also you could use it as security camera with remote monitoring plus option to attach compatible sensors to monitor door/or windows opening away from the camera viewing angle… (Excellent option for Home/Corporate Security)
Myself as visual person I would like to mention few options I really like:
LED Status Indicators – gives me visual ability to check the current Internet &LAN connection status easily
SD Slot (micro SD)
PUSH VIDEO, 5-sec Event Video Call – excellent for today’s world emergencies
External I/O Devices Support – as sometimes event do happens away from the camera viewing angle but you could still hear the audio and call police if need it…

here is more info about this excellent option

On the final note: AVN80X IVS 1.3 Megapixel Network Camera by AVTECH is good home or corporate security solution for anyone… I do recommend it as a best IP camera total security solution at the present time...
In the future I would like to see upgrades at lease 2 Megapixel or more, option to order camera with Kevlar fibber body and shatter proof glass dome for military applications.
The Price of theAVN80X IVS 1.3 Megapixel Network Camera by AVTECH will be announced soon ( I think it would be around $200 - $240 USA more or less but do not quite me on the price) – if you interested please keep checking
Few years ago it would cost you at least $1000 or more... (ButAVN80X IVS 1.3 Megapixel Network Camera by AVTECH you could get it for much more less but with more user friendly futures)
Here are few reviews from others

this camera available in Canada now
 CPCAM distributor for AVN80X 


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